"The world of feelings and states in poems and watercolors" from 15 Jule to 10 august 2021

personal watercolor exhibition of Tatsiana Ivanova
We invite you to the Personal exhibition of Tatyana Ivanova "The world of feelings and states in poems and watercolors".

Dates: from July 15 to August 10, 2021
Time: Tue-Sat from 11:00 to 19:00

At the opening of the exhibition, a presentation of a book with poems from 2010-2020 "Rhymed Life"will be held

At the exhibition of Tatyana Ivanova, we will plunge into the world of watercolors. This is one of the most difficult painting techniques, which requires special accuracy and does not forgive mistakes. At the exhibition, we can trace how the relationship between the artist and the material develops, how new techniques appear in Tatiana's repertoire, how she masters different coloristic solutions.
Most of the works presented are landscapes. These are both traditional views of European cities, and the water surface with paths running away into the distance. However, if you look more closely, you can see in them a touching story, noticed by the attentive eye of the artist. Tatiana finds inner drama in a boy pulling a sled across a snow-covered field, in the tense rhythm of tree branches, in the windows of houses looking at us.
Tatiana Ivanova's works are contemplative and poetic. By the way, she herself has the most direct relation to poetry - the artist has released a collection of poems with her own illustrations. These two types of art complement each other and express her personal vision of the world. The works of Tatyana Ivanova are clear and human art, lyrical and moderately symbolic.

Art Historian: Elvira Ramazanova